Friday, September 18, 2009


Trizzas, like pizzas only not. That's what DD called this. A fake lunchable, if you will. I made her this for lunch a couple of days last week and the other kids were jealous. haha. I don't think it would go over so well for a husband, but maybe.

I got some Grands biscuits on sale (the layered kind), so these were super cheap for me to do. Split the biscuits so each makes two, flatten a bit, top with cheese, and bake (just a couple minutes less than the package directions). When cool, put in a ziploc baggie. In separate small containers, put spaghetti or pizza sauce, cheese, and any other toppings. She just had cheese. Put in the lunchbox with a drink (she had capri suns), fruit (she likes grapes), and dessert (cookies).

We did other fake lunchables with crackers, lunch meat, and cheese. The kids didn't want those so much, but she enjoyed them.

For my husband's brown bags, I bought some "man sized" containers with lids and usually just stuff them full of leftovers. We eat a lot of rice and meat and veggies because that's what he likes. I'll put the rice (or ramen noodles -- they are his favorite food group) in the bottom, then the meat and veggies with whatever sauce on top and put the lid on. I usually do this just before serving dinner so I know there's enough for him at work because otherwise we will just eat everything I made for dinner -- and I make extra, so we really don't need to be eating all of it! He'll grab an apple or something to round it out.

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