Tuesday, February 10, 2009

About Our Ovens
What's in {Your} Oven? is the brain child of a mom "stuck" in the kitchen. Not that she's there all the time, but that she's out of ideas. Thus was this blog born.

Setting the Oven Temperature
Here's how it works:
Each Monday, there will be a challenge ingredient. It might be as simple as chicken or as funky as anchovies or as benign as cumin. Your challenge is to make something using that ingredient. It can be a main dish, a side dish, a dessert, you name it! Here's the catch: it must be a new recipe for you. You cannot have made it before.

Oven Maintenance
You must be willing to commit to the challenge at least two weeks a month. We recognize that not everyone will want to do the anchovy challenge, for example, or you just may not have time (or energy or patience) for something new that week. Two weeks out of four is all we ask.

After you make your challenge dish, please post the recipe on What's in {Your} Oven? so that we can all see it. If you have a picture, share that, too! (It can be one that you take or one on the website/cookbook you found the recipe in). Let us know any adjustments you made, and give a quick review of the meal. Give it a rating (see below). Finally, tag your post accordingly: your name, challenge ingredient, type of dish (main dish, side dish, breakfast, dessert, appetizer/snack, etc.) You must post your recipe entry by Sunday night.

Ratings and Reviews
Make it for a dinner party (5 stars)
Take it to a potluck (4 stars)
Keep it at home (3 stars)
Make it when desperate (2 stars)
Throw it out! (1 star)

Customer Service
Questions? Comments? Challenge ideas? Contact Janelle & Jillian at whatsinyouroven(at)yahoo(dot)com.