Monday, October 26, 2009

Pretzel Spiders

I had to think of a treat to take to my son's class for his birthday recently. His best friend has the same birthday as him, so they were already going to have cupcakes. I try to make healthy treats for them (this is what I made last year), so I found a recipe for pretzel spiders on the Family Fun Magazine website. They were a big hit with most of the kids (a few of them didn't want one--too funny!).

Pretzel Spiders
from Family Fun Magazine

2 round crackers
2 teaspoons smooth peanut butter
8 small pretzel sticks
2 raisins

Make a sandwich of the crackers filled with peanut butter. Insert eight pretzel "legs" into the filling. With a dab of peanut butter, stick two raisin "eyes" on top. Makes 1 serving.

****My son has a child in his class that has a nut allergy, so I made these with marshmallow fluff instead (like marshmallow creme, but WAY better--I think it is only sold in the east, though). The combo of salty crackers and pretzels and sweet marshmallow fluff was pretty tasty.

I would rate this 5 stars. For a Halloween dinner party, of course.

(Funny story--my sister put a spider in front of the other birthday boy. He looked around to make sure no one was watching, then grabbed the raisin eyes. He put his hands under the table for a minute or so, then brought them up with no raisins in them. I laughed and laughed. I saw later that they were stuck to the floor. I love preschool!)