Monday, August 24, 2009

Challenge Ingredient: ICE CREAM

As we enter the final week of August, I thought ice cream would be a particularly appropriate challenge ingredient. I suppose we should have done it sometime in July, being that July is National Ice Cream Month. I'm sure we'll get over it.

I had fun reading about our ingredient this week. Did you know that ice cream was known to exist as early as the second century B.C.? And that the ice cream sundae really has something to do with Sundays? Want Thomas Jefferson's personal ice cream recipe? You got it!

Read up on the history of ice cream here, and let's have some good entries this week!

You can make a recipe that uses ice cream as an ingredient, or you can make ice cream itself. Sorbet, sherbet, gelato, and frozen yogurt are also all acceptable. Have fun!!

And enjoy this ice cream maze while you indulge yourself.

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