Monday, May 18, 2009

Question of the Week

Sorry to get this up so late. It's been a crazy week for both Jillian and myself, and the spotlight and QOTW have slipped both our minds.

This week we're going to be talking kitchen advice. Not advice that you give people (that you've figured out the hard way), but advice that you've been given. Who is your kitchen mentor? Is it Mom? Grandma? Mother-in-law? Sister? Someone else? What's the best kitchen advice you've ever received?

My mom always taught me to read a recipe all the way through before I started making it.That way I'm familiar with the flow of it, I know when something is going to be divided, and if it's going to require lots of coordination (like this recipe), I'll be ready. And if needs be, I can measure all my ingredients into bowls (like on cooking shows) before I get started, so that I can dump as I go.

She also taught me that no matter how much cinnamon the recipe calls for, it's never enough!

So, dish! What's that best cooking/kitchen advice you've ever received?


MamaBear said...

stop worrying about exactly how it's supposed to be done, and just try it!

i used to phone my mom all the time asking "how long do you cook broccoli?" or other basic questions. she told me when it's done, turn it off.

since then i've grown into someone who WILL try new recipes, enjoys doing so, and doesn't worry about getting it perfect. (ok, so i never worried about perfection, lol.) thanks mom!

Mary Ellen said...

Honestly? As much as I love my mother, she is not my cooking mentor. I rarely was given opportunities to cook with her and she is, admittedly, a "safe" cook who doesn't try anything outside of her basic repertoire.

That said, my mentor has to be one of my dear friends from grad school. Anna is a true Californian who brought with her to USU all sorts of daring and fresh recipes to the bland cream-of-soup menus I'd grown up with. She didn't necessarily teach me how to cook, but she certainly inspired me to be wild and crazy with all sorts of new ingredients and cooking methods.