Thursday, April 2, 2009

pineapple pudding

Hi! It's my first post, Esther is my sister and invited me. I'm the OTHER sister, not the one she cooks for. Food just doesn't transport from UT to NC well, lol.

This is my in-laws' traditional holiday food. They do NOT serve it as dessert, so it's a bonus yum food! I haven't made it yet this week but I'm going to this weekend so I figured I could post it now for everyone else. (yeah, i'm cheating a little by posting a recipe i've made before, but i promise to make up for it next week; got a couple of new recipes with ricotta i'm dying to try!)

10 slices smooshy white bread
1 can crushed pineapple
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup melted butter
1 egg, beaten

How to:
Tear up the white bread in tiny pieces (like stuffing, only smaller if you can). put it in a big bowl with the pineapple and sugar. add the egg, and the butter last (everything shrinks with the butter). mix well.

put in a pyrex/corningware dish (1-1/2 quart) in a 350 oven for an hour, remove the lid and cook another 15 minutes. it can do varied temperatures if you put it in with meat, it should be moist but not wet when done.

then try to restrain yourself from eating too much now that you know what's in it!

** you can also double the recipe, use a bigger can of pineapple, bigger baking dish; however, do NOT double the butter, it gets too wet. you can vary the fruit, too (another week, lol); frozen berries work fabulous. i did blueberries with lemon last time and it was wonderful.

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stewbert said...

It is yummy. I can't have it anymore because of the pineapple allergy, but it's yummy with raspberries, too. Strawberry tastes like strawberry jam.