Monday, July 27, 2009

Challenge Ingredient: Bell Pepper

photo: Oxmoor House

I originally chose just green bell pepper as the ingredient this week, then said to myself, "Why not open it up to all varieties of bell peppers?! Why limit ourselves to only the green ones?" So, there you go. (kimono, kimona--there you go.)

Peppers originated in South America and were carried all over the world by explorers. Their popularity grew quickly and they were adapted into the cuisine of many cultures, being a very adaptable plant that can easily grow in many different climates.

How to select the perfect pepper:
Choose peppers that have deep vivid colors, taut skin, and that are free of soft spots, blemishes and darkened areas. Their stems should be green and fresh looking. Peppers should be heavy for their size and firm enough so that they will gently yield to slight pressure. Avoid those that have signs of decay including injuries to the skin or water-soaked areas. The shape of the pepper does not generally affect the quality, although it may result in excessive waste or not be suitable to certain recipe preparations. Peppers are available throughout the year but are usually in greater abundance during the summer months. (from

Our favorite thing to make with peppers is fajitas, but there are a lot of great uses for bell peppers. Let's see what great recipes you guys find! Please post by Sunday night


Janelle said...

Sorry I didn't get this post up, Jillian!

Jillian said...

You're totally fine. I knew that you were wanting to take a breather & have been busy, so I just did it for ya. No worries. :D