Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mini Meatloaves in the MIcrowave

I've been so busy this week with trying to get things ready to move that I almost didn't do this challenge. But, whether you're moving or not you still have to eat, right?! It's been really hot lately, so I've been into finding microwave recipes. It's amazing what you can do in one of those puppies!

I took pictures, but I was using the camera on my phone (Both cameras are out of commission right now. One dropped on the ground at the zoo. The other, well I'm not sure what happened to it, except the fact that I left it within climbing reach of 3 three-year-olds. Now it won't turn on.)

Found this recipe on Recipezaar. I seem to go there for recipes a lot!

Mini Meat Loaves in the Microwave

I love meatloaf, but hate the time it takes to bake in the oven. With this recipe you can have meatloaf on the table in under 20 minutes!
by Lysa

17 min | 5 min prep


  1. Crumble meat in a large bowl. Add chopped onion.
  2. Beat egg slightly, then add bread crumbs, milk and parmesan cheese. Mix all together with beef.
  3. Add remaining ingredients, except for the ketchup, and mix again.
  4. Shape meat into 6 evenly sized balls, place in circle in microwave safe bowl. Top with ketchup.
  5. Cook in microwave on HIGH for 7 minutes. Lat stand 5 minutes before serving.

Pretty good. My little meat loaves didn't stay together the greatest, but part of that may have remedied by chopping up the onions into smaller pieces. Like I told my son, it's going to come apart in your mouth anyway! All in all I'd say they were tasty. My kids liked them a lot, even my son who is picky picky. *gasp!* I will definitely make these again, because it was nice to have a real, homemade meal without having to turn on the oven.

To incorporate the challenge ingredient, I substituted the bread crumbs for crushed saltines. Any excuse to break out the mallet, right?! Get out all those frustrations! It took about 5 or 6 crackers to equal 1/2 cup.

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MamaBear said...

i'll have to try this! i hate to wait for meatloaf, but DH and sons would love me to make it weekly.