Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chicken Waffle Pot Pie

Chicken Waffle Pot Pie (For real. You've got to try this one.)

1 ½ c. waffle mix (I made my own from scratch with 1 ½ c. flour and ½ t. baking powder. I would suggest eliminating any extra salt if you are going to also use chicken broth and/or gravy.)
1 egg
3 T oil
1 c. broth (I used chicken, but vegetable broth could work, too.)
1 c. diced mixed vegetables (I used frozen carrots and peas)
¾ c. finely diced cooked chicken (Canned chicken works well if you are strapped for time.)
Ideas for toppings: butter or gravy (I used country-style gravy from a packet).

Lightly grease and heat the waffle iron. Whisk first four ingredients together. Mix in vegetables and chicken. Pour ¼ cup batter onto each of the small squares of a regular waffle iron— or ¾ c. on a Belgian waffle iron—and close the lid. (However, your waffle iron might have different instructions; go with what works for you.) Cook until golden brown, or as directed on iron (I found that four minutes was adequate). Top with a dollop of butter or gravy.
Servings: I was able to get 8 regular-sized waffles from my recipe.

As I was searching for a good recipe, I came across the most bizarre recipe… ever. Chicken on a waffle iron? It seemed so… blasphemous... not to mention weird. But I think I like culinary blasphemy: it was super fast, super cheap, and super good. If you have kids, they’ll go for this one, but then my husband had seconds, so I suppose kids and husbands will like it. And chefs and anyone who likes waffles. So pretty much everyone. This is a repeat for sure.

It's hard to give this one a traditional score, but if you're willing to impress friends at a brunch, this could be five-star. It's definitely five-star for the convenience and cost, but you could really gourmet-it-up with homemade gravy and fresh veggies.


Mary Ellen said...

I I didn't have an awesome picture, but imagine, if you will, waffles with little green and orange specks covered with gravy. Mmmmmm. Isn't that a nice image?

Scott and Jillian said...

That sounds awesome!

stewbert said...

We tried this tonight -- I don't know what my problem was, but it only made 5 and the batter was really thick, so I added lots more broth. Weird. Anyway. It was YUMMY and hubbers said to add it to the rotation, since I don't usually make chicken pot pie even though we love it because it is so much work. This was just as good.

I boiled a chicken breast in about 1 quart of water, with salt, pepper, onion powder, poultry seasoning, and paprika, then used that broth both in the batter and in the gravy I made from scratch. YUM.

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